• Full-service engineering and permitting
  • Managed suppliers and subcontractors
  • On-site construction Management
  • Asset Management, Operations and Maintenance

Migrated to the Rockford Union and expanded our services all over the US

Headquartered in Freeport, IL


  • State of IL Licensed DG Installer
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • Union Carpenter Installation
  • NABCEP certified Construction Managers
  • Nextracker NX Horizonal Single Axis Certified 
  • Own and Operate Mazaka MA1000 Pile Driver 
  • More than 40mw installed in the Midwest
  • EMR rating .82

At Fosler Construction, we recognize that the quality of our service depends on the satisfaction of our team and the strength of their relationships with each other. So we work hard to establish a positive, respectful, and open environment where our employees feel happy, supported, and fulfilled. Our focus on an empowering internal culture is reflected in the relationships we build with our clients and vendors, which are equally as strong.

Present Day



Who we are

Fosler Construction was founded with only 3 employees

With nationwide capabilities

Fosler Construction introduced solar as a service

As one of the largest installers in the Mid-West, we can staff projects large and small ensuring consistent quality and control. Our team of project managers, field supervisors, and leadership is unmatched in the industry.

The company has doubled in size each year since 2016 with our commercial focused clientele, expanded services, and now more than 200 employees 

Fosler Construction

We joined the Madison Union and expanded construction services from only residential to commercial size projects as well


When Fosler Construction company was introduced to clean energy and was made aware of the Illinois incentives for going solar, we were among the first dedicated solar energy firms in Illinois. We saw a tremendous resource with the Midwest's abundant sun. Illinois's solar industry was just beginning with a few small to medium size projects across the state. We saw the opportunity to bring solar technology to the forefront and participate in building the industry from the ground up.

Our Culture


Our crew of employees quadrupled from 10 to 40 individuals



Family owned since 1998